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Parking Registration
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Easy and Hassle-free Parking Registration Scheme Online

Once you register your name for our monthly parking registration scheme, you can access our self-serve website, which will enable you to manage your account online smoothly. It will give you the privilege of:

  • Modifying your customer profile as well as the contact information
  • Registering new vehicles and parkers
  • Update your method of monthly, pre-authorised payments
  • View the invoices

Some more information about our Parking Registration

  • The permit will allow vehicles to park only in the designated parking slots in the areas that are mentioned in the permit
  • The permit will be meant to be used by the residents and their visitors and guests
  • Permits are not applicable in Pay Parking or in the areas designated for Time Restricted Parking
  •  The permits are valid for a calendar year, which is displayed on the permits

The strictures regarding permits

  • Vehicles must have the permits hanging from their rearview mirrors with the address side facing upfront to escape ticketing by the authorities
  • Vehicles that will not have the permit displayed within the permitted parking area not only be ticketed but will also be towed at the expense of the owner.
  • In case of a lost permit, the serial number will be noted and duly recorded and any vehicle seen to display the lost permit will not only be ticketed but will also be towed at the expense of the owner.
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