Why is Body Temperature Tracking Important during Covid-19?

Due to Covid-19, tracking of body temperature has now become an international mandate. Now, screening of body temperature is being done at all shops and establishments in Toronto along and during air travel.

Body Temperature Scanners
Body Temperature Scanners

This mandate has been issued due to several reasons and today, we will discuss them in detail.

A Higher Temperature Indicates the Onset of the Infection

Among the many symptoms of Covid-19, the most common one is a higher than normal body temperature. Though a higher temperature does not always imply Covid-19 infection, it is best to take all precautions beforehand.

Furthermore, Covid-19 is a highly contagious virus and to contain it, all safety guidelines need to be followed such as screening body temperature, maintaining physical distancing, using hand sanitisers, etc. So, at present body temperature scanners in Toronto are being employed to identify people possibly infected with the coronavirus.

Stopping the Spread of the Virus

Since the virus is highly contagious, containing it is important and to do that, identifying the people infected with it is important to stop the spread of the virus. Now, since there are various symptoms of Covid-19, it is not possible to identify all of them except the higher body temperature. So, when a person is found to be having a temperature higher than normal during the screening, he or she will be barred from entry to a shop, business area, or an airport.

In this way, the spread of the virus can be stopped.

Temperature Scanning is Safe with IR Scanners

Scanning of body temperature using thermal scanners is safe for the person carrying out the temperature check because he can maintain physical distancing during the process.

The scanners use infrared to detect body temperature. Infrared can travel a short distance and hence scanning of temperature has now become easy and for this reason, the forehead scanners in Toronto are using the new scanning systems.

Quickly and Easily Scan Body Temperature

Body temperature screening has now been made mandatory in Toronto. So, security personnel are using the new scanners that can give the results quickly. Moreover, in congested areas such as airports, scanning needs to be quick and hence the usage of thermal scanners have been made mandatory.

Helps in Letting People Know When They Have the Virus

Now, a higher than normal body temperature cannot be the only sign of Covid-19, but then again, one needs to go for a test if the temperature is higher than normal.

Though a higher body temperature shows different symptoms, at times people might not realise it until and unless their body temperatures are being scanned. So, a thermal scanning helps to let people know when their body temperatures exceed the normal limit.

Indicates that Isolation is Necessary

Since a higher body temperature indicates a possibility of the virus, a thermal screening will help in identifying the people and let them know that it’s time to get themselves isolated.

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