Top Quality Access Control Security System Features to Put Money On

With the change in the threat perceptions, the dynamics of the security system is also changing. Security companies are no longer relying entirely on the competency of their human resource, no matter how competent and well trained the manpower is. They are turning to the state of the art technology, to make the security system all the more foolproof.

Access Control Security Toronto
Access Control Security Toronto

Take for instance the companies that offer mobile security services in Mississauga like any other place. Besides training their mobile security personnel with the latest tactics and equipping them with the latest state of the art tools, they would also propose the installation of an access control security system with cutting edge technology.

Now the modern access control system comes with a wide range of value-added features.

Access Authority Configuration

This is one of the unique features of the modern access control security system. The process involves ranking various locations within an establishment or organization based on the level and extent of authority needed for gaining access.

Automatic Access Management

This particular feature is popular with those organizations, which are open to the public or to a large number of people during the day but are closed at night. The ability to lock or unlock the entrance is configured and conditioned in the method.

Notifications by unique alarm

This particular system is the most ideal and practical method of distinguishing between emergency, urgent, and non-urgent events by creating different notification sounds, which can be configured from the access control office.

Accessibility to the back office

This is another extremely useful feature of the access control security available in Toronto whereby the access control can be accessed remotely as well as physically, on the site.

Listed Backups

Irrespective of the access control solution there has to be a scheduled or listed backup of the entire access database. Now, the access control is deployed on the cloud with regularly scheduled backup readily available to the back office system controlling hub. It is risky to install the system solely on-site, as, in the event of a system crash, there will be huge data loss.

Generation of Customized Reports

A state of the art quality access control solution also comes with the ability to generate customized reports that may contain door activity history, invalid attempts to access, on-site tracking as well as other field reports.

Secured and Fast Hosting

Most of the access control solutions are hosted on sites, on the cloud, or may perform as a hybrid, which is a collaboration between the on-site and the cloud variety. With each of these three varieties being unique in its own way, it is for the stakeholder to decide the ultimate variety to be installed, taking into account the threat perception.

Image Notifications

This is another extremely important feature of the modern access control security system. This feature is a part of the customary package, which offers the security team, the other relevant departments and the other stakeholders, a complete idea about the individuals gaining access to the location, along with their individual images. With IP based IR CCTV cams installed, it’s a foolproof, all-weather 24×7 security system.

So you see, these are the top features of a credible access control security system. Therefore, you must hire a security company that has the ability to install a control system with all these features. What better name can you look for, than Canadian Security Services? With years of experience and with some of the finest experts, we are one of the best in Toronto. Dial us (Direct) 647 409 3789 or (Toll-Free) 18669259889 during our business hours.