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Video Monitoring
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Optimum Video Monitoring Solutions at Budget-friendly Price

Most security cameras nowadays are known to provide limited value. Even if they do a little more than provide a frustrating HD/grainy black and white video footage of someone being victimized, they aren’t a proper deterent to crime. And the reason being, the captured footage allows you to view the incident aferwards.

The good news for you is that it doesn’t take too long to change the existing passing recording camera into a pro-active one which helps catch criminals- right at the time when they are breaking and entering!

At Canadian Security Services, we offer you quality video monitoring systems as your integrated security service to actively diminish burglary and vandals from causing any more problems within your property.

We provide Video Monitoring Cecurity services to our clients in the Greater Toronto Area which includes Toronto and its surrounding cities including Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, North York, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Ajax, Pickering, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and a few others in close proximity to Toronto.

Video Monitoring

Why Our Video Monitoring Systems In Toronto?

  • We understand the difference between a poorly operated live video monitoring system and an effective one. As our goal; we strive to improve our client’s security through our top-grade visual monitoring. We ensure that all our clients gain full control over their security system, benefit from its optimised performance and utilize it to its maximum potential. Furthermore, we also customize our visual live monitoring system package to meet all your specific requirements.
  • Understanding the importance of a continuous property monitoring against tresspassing and vandalizm, our video monitoring systems in Toronto provide full property coverage at budget-friendly prices.
  • Through constant video monitoring, our vigilant team is able to intervene immediately to any irregular incidents taking place. Right from our remote facility; we can contact the police authorities with a response time of 10 seconds (approxomately) for all alarm notifications. With reduced response time; our quality video monitoring systems reduce the opportunity for tresspassers to cause any harm, misdeeds or even disappear with any one of your expensive household items.
  • With our video monitoring; you can even know about your property’s safety when even being on the move. Our live visual monitoring application (perfectly compatible with smartphones and desktop OS) provides toggle view right between the camera feeds and lets you see what is happening on your property in real-time! Our systems allow you to stay connected like never before and get peace-of-mind knowing that you can watch diligently of what’s happening at your property.

Other Stellar Features Of Our Video Monitoring Systems:

  • Allows you to enable live video verification
  • Eliminates any false alarms
  • Along with pre-recordings; our visual monitoring systems also use live messages on its speakers to allow the guards to communicate properly and directly to the intruder.
  • You can also get detailed reportings like tracking down events (even retrieving previous recordings), setting up organized archives, customized incident reports and more!

Video Security Solutions

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Easy- cost-effective and driven by our motivation to surpass demand for reliability and value; our video monitoring solutions are tailored to help you stay connected to your property 24*7*365.
To know more about our video monitoring solutions, contact our team for free consultation at 1-866-925-9889.

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