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Do You Require a Security Guard for Your Business? 5 Signs That Point to “Yes”

Contrary to perception, small businesses are not at all exempt from crimes that happen in the surroundings. Certain businesses like banks, retail outlets and convenience stores are undoubtedly the prime targets for theft. But it’s not to say that any other business won’t fall prey to illegal activities. Festivals, sporting events or for that matter any occasion that involves a large number of people are also prone to criminal activities.

Needless to say, employing a reputed security company or hiring a security company in Toronto can contribute a lot to ensuring public safety and offset the potential for loss. But if you are a small business owner, how do you ascertain whether you should hire such a company or not? What are the signs that point to your need for protection?

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For the answers, the entrepreneur of one of the biggest security firms in the country shares his experience about what are the indicators based on the years of experience that he has gained by providing security services.

Why hire a guard?

You have concerns regarding the safety of your parking lots: Needless to say, your employees or clients will feel a lot unsafe walking to their cars if the parking lot is dimly lit. And, their concerns are absolutely understandable because parking lots have always been a breeding ground for muggings, theft and vandalism. Precisely for this reason, employing security guards comes in handy in ensuring the safety of people.

Your facilities are located in an area which is known for high crime rate: If your business is located in a high crime area, it’s imperative that you hire not one but several security guards. Contrary to perception, a high crime doesn’t necessarily mean a bad neighborhood; it might include a factory or warehouse located in a remote area, for instance. In that case, there are high chances of break-ins.

You’re experiencing retail shrinkage and theft: According to a recent survey, global retailers lost around $51 billion from theft in 2016, with employees accounting for 40 percent of such thefts. So it’s quite obvious that any retail outlet would hugely benefit from the presence of a security guard. Well trained security guards will be able to not only limit liability but also reduce shrinkage which will invariably lead to saving your business money.

Construction Security

You have concerns regarding record keeping: One task which guards are routinely assigned is to keep a record of day to day activities regarding personnel, safety and property. For instance, if a door isn’t being locked properly or an employee is purposely leaving it open to sneak back in after hours, the guards will maintain a record of it and inform the higher authorities.

You have concerns regarding material theft: This is especially evident if you own a construction business because construction sites are most prone to material theft. In such cases, taking the appropriate construction security measure is imperative.