Protecting Your Commercial Workplace Against COVID-19
Protecting Your Commercial Workplace Against COVID-19

Ever since the COVID-19 Coronavirus came about, it started affected offices and people in it all around the world. As the infection rate kept increasing along with the death toll, offices and commercial workspaces across the globe started taking strict measures to keep their employees and staff members safe from possible contamination.

WHO-recommended safety measures like regularly washing hands, covering nose and mouth when sneezing or avoiding any close contact-especially from someone displaying respiratory symptoms of sneezing and coughing- were implemented and adopted.

What’s more, to ensure no one carrying possible contamination enters the working premises, almost all commercial workplaces have even beefed up their security arrangements. To protect their employees and clients; these establishments have instructed everyone including their security guards to wear gloves, masks and use hand sanitisers repeatedly to inhibit any possible contamination.

Along with that, they have also instructed their security guards to use body temperature scanners and forehead scanners to screen every staff, clients and visitors regularly as a mandatory security protocol.

Measures To Safeguard Your Workplace Employees & Assets against Virus Contamination

However, all hopes are not lost just yet! There are still some communities or regions where the virus contamination hasn’t spread. And that’s what makes these below-stated precautionary measures all the more important for everyone to follow so that the spread of this virus doesn’t arrive knocking at your commercial workplace door.

Here are a few simple ways to prevent virus contamination from taking place at your commercial workplace.

Ensure your commercial space is thoroughly cleaned and hygienic for your employees. This includes sanitising all desks, tables, telephones, desktops, pen storage and other regularly touched surfaces.

Promote the all-important habit of washing hands for full 20-seconds using soap and water. Also, recommend the use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser numerous times in a day. To make this happen; you can even display posters about handwashing and share information on the intranet to make people more aware of this precautionary measure.
Make sure that there is an ample stock of face masks and paper tissues always available at your workplace, particularly for employees with running nose or who repeatedly cough at work.

Discuss with your security guard about using forehead scanners along with body temperature scanners to screen employees, customers, vendors and even usual visitors for signs of low-grade fever.

On screening; if anyone is found to have a mild fever (at 37.3 degrees C or more) or even exhibit symptoms of mild cough, instruct your security officer to not let them enter the premise.

With this mandatory screening, you should lay down your expectations from your security guards about not allowing anyone to gather both outside the front gate and inside be it at the reception or the common corridor. Tell your guard to make no exceptions.

What Else?

You should also look to embrace collaborated technology and create a pilot program which assists your staff to work-from-home efficiently whenever they wish to. Also aim to maximise video conferencing by adding a separate conference room so that people at the office can stay connected with those working from home.
You can also invest in Bluetooth technology in your newly added conference room. This will allow your staff to utilise their smartphones and connect to any conference calls without needing to touch their phone.

With new cases of infection and death still coming up, only time will tell when this COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end. Till then; look to adopt these safety precautions to keep your employees and commercial space assets free from the virus contamination.

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