What Are The Predominant Responsibilities of a Security Guard in Toronto?

Over the last few years, people have become much more conscious about security considering the alarming rate at which criminal activities are increasing. There’s no denying the fact that for most people, a security guard in Toronto is the direct target for crime prevention.

Security Guard in Toronto is the direct target for crime prevention

Security guards, in addition to patrolling areas, also provide protection against break-ins, terrorism, theft, fire and other criminal activities. These professionals are usually the first on the scene to defend their client’s house, office or any commercial establishment along with deterring illegal activities and enforcing laws.

So What Does a Typical Day of a Security Guard Constitute?

Security officers usually work in shifts, and they often use their telephone or radio to call for backup in case of a fire or any kind of emergency. The incidents that usually happen on each shift is recorded in a log book or printed. These state the observations made by the guards and what transpired in their shift. In some cases, these guards might need to testify in court in the case of certain precarious situations that arises.

Although this is what security guards do, their responsibilities depend on the security company who hire them. For instance, these days most shopping mall owners hire guards to monitor the parking lot and protect customers from theft and assault. Similarly, department store owners employ these professionals for apprehending shoplifters and burglars.

On the other hand, there are security guards who are employed to watch over a house or provide construction security. In such cases, the guards might need to monitor the CCTV feed of the house or stroll around the construction site at night to ensure that there are no intruders present in the property. Not only do these professionals need to be aware of the regular visitors in the premise, but they should also be capable of detaining unwanted visits from total strangers.

Although most of the work done by these security guards is routine, precarious situations might arise at any time. Precisely for this reason, they need to alert at all times to spot any abnormal activities and take immediate measures to counter it.

A few years ago, you could say that hiring security guards was a luxury which only the financially affluent could afford but times have changed now. The rich still hire them, but it’s become more approachable for the common public these days. It’s become a norm nowadays for offices and commercial establishments to have security guards 24×7 in their premise to prevent any kind of unwanted situations.