Parking Violations for Which Enforcement Officers Issue Tickets

Parking enforcement officers ensure smooth parking in different areas. But, if they find parking violations, they will issue a ticket. So, today we will discuss specifically the parking violations and the ways to avoid them so that you don’t get a ticket.

Parking Enforcement

So, let’s discuss.

1) Parking In Parallel to Another Car

This is called double parking and is no doubt a parking violation for which the parking enforcement officer in Toronto will issue a ticket.

Double parking is when you park your car in parallel to another car and this makes a double queue instead of a single one.

This type of parking causes a lot of inconveniences because if a road is a single lane, parking your car in parallel to another car might disrupt the flow of traffic.

2) Parking Your Car in Disabled Spots

If you have parked your car in the disabled spot, you can expect a ticket from the parking enforcement officer because these spots are specially meant for people with disability.

Additionally, to park your car in the disabled spot, you will need to obtain permission from the respective authorities.

3) Keeping Your Car Parked in a Certain Area For a Long Time

If, for instance, you have kept your car parked in a certain spot, such as near a private building for a long time such as more than a day or so, without notifying the enforcement officer providing the Toronto parking enforcement service in a private property, he may issue a ticket.

So, to avoid this problem, you need to find out the enforcement officer and notify him or her if you wish to park your vehicle for a long time.

Sometimes, people might employ enforcement officers for their private properties who will keep an eye on the vehicles that will be parked in front of the building.
In these circumstances, you will need to approach the building authority to notify about your parking.

4) Parked Your Car on a Sidewalk

This is another reason why you might get a ticket issued by the officer providing the parking enforcement service in Toronto because the sidewalk is the place meant for cyclists and pedestrians. So, parking your car in that place is clearly a violation. Therefore, do not park your car on a sidewalk on a busy day. However, you should look for road signs that allow parking near or around that area.

5) Parking Near an Intersection

Both, parking on a side walk or near an intersection is a traffic violation and is mostly done by amateurs drivers. Anyway, you should never park near an intersection as this might lead to the issuance of a ticket by the parking enforcement officers.

6) Parking Near a Fire Hydrant or Near a Prohibited Area

If you park your car near a prohibited area or near a fire hydrant, the parking enforcement officer might issue a ticket because these are sensitive areas. So, before you park, make sure that there are no fire hydrants or prohibit areas nearby.

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