Maximising Airport Security Using Video Monitoring – A Discussion!

For a place where so many people convene, airport terminals bring about a wide range of security and safety concerns. Keeping in light the possibility of terrorist attacks on airports, or intrusion onto parked air-crafts- early detecting of suspicious activities and averting authorised entry into airport terminals prove a pressing security challenge for airport operators.

To tackle these challenges; airport officials should reconcile with time-effective check-ins, operational requirements and close monitoring on everything that happens during busy hours.

The good news for you is that video monitoring surveillance technology can be of great help. It assists track down suspicious activities, objects or people in the crowd, also alert the sudden behavioural changes of staff or entrance violations.

How Video Monitoring Surveillance Makes The Difference?

Presents Live Surveillance To Numerous Airport Departments:- Quality video monitoring with IP surveillance real- time streaming helps you reach various airport departments like the fire, medic, operations, police, customs. You can monitor video feeds of each of those departments on separate PC workstations to get a precise picture of what is happening.

Uses Software Algorithms To Spot Activities & Individuals:- Modern-day video monitoring cameras come with built-in analytics that use specific software algorithms to spot malicious activities or suspicious people.

For example- Cams hosting facial recognition software can assist track terrorist threats or wanted individuals from the government’s list.

Furthermore, making use of behavioural recognition software technology is also programmed to find out:-

Leftover items

Vehicles spending way too long being parked at one particular spot.

Reversing movements at all check-points to look for any potentially dangerous activity.


You can monitor all of these real-time, thus allowing you to intervene immediately if something suspicious does catch your eyes.

Proper Scalability & Flexibility:- Top-rated video monitoring surveillance systems can be easily synced to the existing network and even a pre-existing analog camera using digital encoders. And they can also be used to survey large areas using a patented multifocal sensor set-up.

Remote Accessibility & Digital Storage Convenience:- Quality video monitoring surveillance systems send out live video streams all over the web where airport officials can view them using archived footage from any remote PC having network accessibility. Due to this convenience, airport officials can even watch over all airport activities from off-site locations too!
And, most video monitoring surveillance systems- in contrast to the analog set-ups can record and store data digitally. Along with unlimited storage area, it also presents users enhanced searching capabilities!

Need Superior HD Video Monitoring Surveillance?

“Canadian Security Services” offers you a wide variety of quality video surveillance for your integrated airport security set-up in Toronto. Our systems promise clarity-filled video monitoring to diminish trouble makers at the airport terminal actively.

USPs of Our Video Monitoring Systems:-

Eliminates possibilities of false alarms.

Provides real-time video verification and surveillance

Allows pre-recordings and also uses live messages on the speakers to let the guards know and take steps to prevent the intrusion or suspicious operation (whatever it may be).

Furthermore; our video monitoring surveillance systems in Toronto also provides detailed reporting such as retrieving previous data, tracking down events/persons/activities, customising reports and keeping an organised archive for later references.

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