How will Parking Enforcement in Toronto Become More Efficient?

In Toronto, the parking enforcement officers efficiently mark the cars that are being incorrectly parked and issue tickets. However, with the advent of technology, this procedure is getting efficient day by day and maybe in a few years, we will notice these changes.

At present, only a few technologies are being used in parking enforcement in Toronto but soon we might notice other technologies as well that will simplify a whole lot of things for the officers as well as the motorists.

Parking Enforcement Toronto
Parking Enforcement Toronto

Future technology will help manage the parking of vehicles efficiently. Following the popular saying — ‘modern problems require modern solutions’, the usage of devices or systems will help the motorists to find out appropriate space for parking their vehicles conveniently.

Now, let us see how the efficiency of parking enforcement can be increased.

Advanced Payment Solutions

The usage of technology in managing payment will be improved that will help the officers to effectively manage the parking.

In the near future, pay stations might be introduced that will replace the convenient technology of paying then and there or in the counters. Here, the motorists will have to pay according to the parking space.

The pay stations will add to the convenience of the drivers as they can pay with either cash or through their cards. This process is easier and faster compared to the counters.

Another advantage is that the drivers will not have to wait in long queues since it only takes a minute or so to pay the penalty.

Paying through QR codes for individual vehicles can also be a convenient way to pay.

Advanced Car Marking Solutions

Today the officers managing parking enforcement in Toronto carry out on-street visual enforcement. Though it is an efficient process, modern technologies are already in the works that will make it even easier for them to mark the cars in an area.

The automated systems will save the officers from the hassle of travelling around the city to different areas to spot vehicles that are incorrectly parked. This will save fuel and is hence an energy-saving alternative to the conventional enforcement model.

ALPR Technology

Automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) can make parking enforcement much more efficient. By using this solution the officer can easily identify the driver from his or her vehicle’s licence plate. Moreover, the ALPR camera that will be mounted on the enforcement vehicle will send alerts to the officer after scanning the plates of the vehicles that violate parking rules.

Digital Citations

This is a new procedure for offering citations. An officer can easily use his smartphone or tablet to issue a citation to the driver who has violated the parking rule. And since all of this can be managed by apps, the entire process can become easier for both the driver and the officer.

Usage of apps or web applications will lead to automated upload of information to the database that will reduce errors. Moreover, if disputes arise in the future, the driver as well as the officer can look up the database for the stored information.

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