secure your parking lot
A Few Good Practices to Secure Your Parking Lot

Do you know parking lots are one of those places, where the majority of crimes happens? Be it a retail store or office buildings- due to being an open and isolated area, these have become the prime contributing factors that increase the criminal activities. Drug-peddling, vandalism, theft and accidents are few of the instances mostly happen in a parking lot.

However, the design of a parking lot significantly affect the rate of crime- be it negatively or positively. Parking lots come in a number of structures, multi-level arrangement as well as the flat ones. More the walls, pillars and changes in elevation, higher the security risk will become.

However, if you can keep track of entry or exit points of the parking lot as well as other accessible points of premises, it can increase the safety. Hence, appointing remote surveillance and security guards are those of the proven parking enforcement practices in Toronto. It will become easy to control the movement of unauthorised vehicles as well as suspicious activities.

Since the security of the parking is essential, here are a few ways to ensure that-

1.Installation of CCTV Cameras: The installation should be done in such a way that can record people who are entering and exiting from the parking lot. Whereas it is not possible to watch different corners of a building by static guards, the surveillance cameras from our security company in toronto let you keep eyes on different areas at the same time. The recordings of CCTV security cameras can be used as evidence when a theft or accident happens. However, make sure the cameras cover your parking lot from different angles.

2.Lighting: It is substantial to have proper lighting that increases the effectiveness of security services toronto. Moreover, it gives the feel of being safe to vehicle owners while parking cars in well-lighted areas. Due to the presence of light, it works as a deterrent for individuals who are looking for an opportunity to commit the crime.

3.Following the Parking Signs: It is required to ensure there are eye-catchy parking lot signs. The most useful ones are speed limit signs, speed bump signs, stop signs, yield signs, entry and exit signs, and more such are quite convenient for drivers.

4.Parking Permits: It is a great way to manage the parking lot with permits. As soon as a vehicle is found with a parking permit, it helps to keep track of every vehicle getting entry to the premises. Permits are generally hung by parking incharge or security guards in toronto on vehicle’s rear-view mirror.

5.Controlling the Speed: Since driving roughly with high speed can cause the accidents, you can put a stop on it by adding speed bumps at the entry and exit points. You can say it as a warning sign for the drivers to control the speed.

So, you too can improve your parking safety by following these precautionary measures and taking our security solutions. Do come up with any sort of queries you have in your mind regarding parking enforcement. We are available at 1 866 925 9889. Call us to book our services now!