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Gated Community Security:- Avoid These 5 Crucial Mistakes

Your gated community security is always an important aspect and should always be given your first priority. This is mainly because an effective security system is what helps attract new residents and retain them safety, with their peace of mind!

For your knowledge and deliver better protection to both your residents and reputation, here are 5 crucial security mistakes which you should look to avoid at all costs.

Mistake 1:- Not Keeping Any Direct Security Contact For All Residents:-

The first step to improving your gated community security is sharing security contacts with all existing residents. Not doing so, allows all potential intruders freely roam around the community, even amidst the present residents.

For optimal peace of mind, what you can do is keep a representative that immediately responds to all specific security concerns of each resident.

Mistake 2:- Temporary Absence Of Quality Security Officers For Patrol:-

Miscreants, vandals and prospective burglars will always look for any security breaches to exploit. And when your posted security officer takes occasional absence from the entry point; it creates a breach for those budding thieves to exploit.

In most cases, the reason could be due to stationing incompetent security officers who either lack the work experience or the will to perform their duties properly. What you can do is schedule your officer’s shifts adequately, and replace your existing security team with our diligent and high -trained team of security officers.

Committed to providing you with the highest quality protection, they never leave any access points unmanned. You can even schedule their shifts accordingly to ensure your gated community gets optimal protection.

If that is so for your case, then be rid of them. Call us (@Direct: 647 409 3789/Toll Free: 18669259889) to hire a well-trained and experienced security guard team serving across Toronto to handle all entry points, and avert unauthorised break-ins..

Mistake 3:- Leaving The Entry Gate Unprotected From Thieves & Vandals:-

With present-day thieves and vandals getting smarter every second; you cannot overlook the security at the entry gate, and leave it unprotected even momentarily. Truth be told, just the gate isn’t enough to protect the main entry point.

Devious, yet wise, burglars have the skills to manipulate electronically-regulated gates, which means it may not be a good deterrent in some scenarios.

To amp up your entry gate security; you can speak to us and secure not just the main entry, but all other entries by stationing our competent and experienced security offices. Our competent security officers will be happy to perform security tours of the entire property. On request; we can even present you with a 24×7 centralised dispatch centre to keep proper track of those who go in and out throughout the day.

Mistake 4:- Incomplete/Ill-Maintained Visitor Log:-

Keeping track of your visitor’s log allows for a more safe and secure gated community. You can do that by making it mandatory for every visitor/guest to sign in the visitor’s log.

Doing so allows you to get a more detailed visitor log and have a clear idea of who comes and goes (along with their exact time). Make every visitor fill in an official identification form having details of that guest, whom they intend to meet and what is the purpose of their visit.

Mistake 5:- Inadequate Allocation Of Responsibilities:-

Each of your gated community staff members has to be crystal clear on all their responsibilities- especially in matters of securing your gated entry points. You should lay down each crucial security policy in proper details so that there are so such security lapses.

Canadian Security Services‘; specialising in a variety of security services near me will help you come up comprehensive rules, policies and procedures suited to any security scenario.

Right from electronic patrol controls, high-end monitoring systems to highly experienced security guards in the region; we will be happy to meet all your customised gated security needs.

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