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Concierge Security Loopholes Small Businesses MUST Avert

Businesses, more so the smaller ones, out of sheer zeal to grow and meet their immediate business goals do not pay much heed to the security aspects of their office or business premise. This leads to quite a number of mistakes that may well come down heavy on the stakeholders of these businesses subsequently.

That is the reason for putting stakes on an experienced company like Canadian Security Services comes in handy. Once you put money on us, we will take up the fullest responsibility of your security aspects as you get on with your daily business chores. However, even then, these businesses must not commit certain mistakes that will prevent them from getting the best from these concierge security service providers.

Here on this page, we discuss some of these blunders that MUST be avoided.

Asking for Too Much From Them at a Time

At times, due to cash crunch, these small businesses will appoint just a limited number of concierge security guards and then they will expect each of them to perform multifarious tasks simultaneously. This is a blunder of Himalayan proportions. Quite expectedly, the guards will not be able to emphasise any of the tasks assigned, thereby failing to provide foolproof security.

Not Acknowledging Their Competence

This is a blunder that most of the new businesses would make on their security front. Out of a sense of skepticism that is born out of lack of experience, they keep their fingers crossed and hence never find reasons to acknowledge the service of the security personnel.

Now, this creates an element of mutual disrespect and mistrust between the two sides, which take a heavy toll on the performance of those in charge of the security. The quicker these businesses learn to trust their security service providers, it’s the better for them. This is perhaps, one of the reasons, why these companies have to put stakes on reputed companies that have a proven track record of providing excellent service.

Not Setting a Specific Structure for Security Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading security mechanisms, there are a number of variables and parameters to work on. Since the principal responsibility of these upgrades rests upon the company that is in charge of the concierge security duties, the stakeholders must set up a specific structure and a deadline for them to work on. Beating the bush when it comes to upgrading security mechanisms in business does not work at all. A business MUST set up a certain specification in regards to its expectations from the security service provider for them to deliver the best.

Delivering Unclear Instructions

This goof-up is closely knit with the previous blunder. One of the most prominent reasons behind security lapses is, giving unclear instructions or total lack of instructions on key security areas to those carrying out concierge security responsibilities. This will do no good to the security aspects even if the security guards are sincere to their level best.

Thus, when it comes to giving instructions to the security service providers, the golden rule is:

  • Providing some context – explaining why a particular task as to be done.
  • Following the KISS principle (Keeping it Straight & Simple ) when giving instructions.
  • Focusing on key points that are expected from the provider of concierge security services to ensure they know EXACTLY what they are expected to do.

Now when you put money on Canadian Security Services, with our experience and acumen you will be able to grasp your security needs much better than the less fancied companies and thus, you will not have to explain things that minutely to us. It will help you have a foolproof security blanket for your business and help you to get on with your more important business chores.For further details, call us at 647 409 3789 (Direct) or 18669259889 (Toll-Free). We are available 24×7.