Equipping Security Personnel with Forehead Scanners
Advantages of Equipping Security Personnel with Forehead Scanners in this COVID 19 Pandemic

We are in midst of a pandemic that shows no sign of wading off, at least at the time of writing this chapter. Well, there had been outbreaks of other similar outbreaks of viruses on this planet in the past – like the Ebola, Zika, the H1N1 Swine Flu, and the likes, but none reached the Himalayan proportion of the present COVID 19 outbreak, something that has given the outbreak of the proportion of a pandemic – not a mere epidemic. Due to this sudden outbreak of this COVID 19 pandemic, a few products have all on a sudden taken the market by storm without any prior notice. Masks, gloves, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), forehead scanners or body temperature scanners, pulse oximeters, have suddenly become household names.

Among them, those forehead scanners and body temperature scanners have become all the more visible additions, with every security service provider now equipped their personnel with these gadgets to check the physical condition of people who are accessing a particular premise or public place.

We at Canadian Security Services are no exception. We have equipped all our security personnel with these devices at the behest of our clients to contain the infection within their premises. But why? The reason being, these devices come up with a string of advantages that help in the detection of symptoms of this virus.

Detection of Symptoms….

Are these laser pointer thermometers designed just to detect the body temperature? Surely not! These body temperature scanners available in Toronto like anywhere else can be used by our security personnel for a number of reasons. No doubt, they are to be used in public places, by the security personnel to measure the temperature, but they come in handy for gauging the overall health conditions as well.

Indeed, as per the medical practitioners, these instruments come in handy for determining if there is any symptom in any individual. In pandemic conditions like we are going through, these thermometers work excellently, as they never spread the infection, as it is not required to take them to direct contact with any individual.

They Are Simple to Use….

Using these forehead scanners available in Toronto is pretty simple. All our security personnel has to do is to point the device from one to six centimeters away from the person, and activate the device. It will immediately read the temperature and will display the reading on the LCD screen. There are provisions of both Celsius and Fahrenheit’s version of the reading to up. The device actually measures the temperature by detecting the heat signature on the surface with the use of laser as well as optic sensors.

Thus you see, these devices have become an almost indispensable part of safety and security drills carried out by the security service providers in and around Toronto like any other part of the world, and Canadian Security Services does the same. We are constantly keeping a track of the physical condition of our security personnel and are equipping them with these devices, to help them properly serve you in this difficult time. To know further details, call us at 647 409 3789 (Direct) or 18669259889 (Toll-Free).