Concierge Security
A Brief Account of Concierge Security – Roles & Responsibilities and Skill Sets

Concierge security guards have been an inseparable part of residential as well as commercial complexes for quite some time. In fact, some complexes maintain separate financial funding to employ and engage fully-fledged security companies that enjoy comprehensive security service and protection from these professionals. These companies, equipped with in-depth knowledge about modern security threat perceptions and years of experience, would come up with strategic security measures that will plug in the safety loopholes for these properties, thereby providing peace of mind for the occupants.

Take, for instance, Canadian Security Services! With years of experience under our belt, we take all the customised security measures that are tailored to meet the client-specific concierge security challenges in Toronto. However, there are other aspects as well.

The Skills Needed…

We started this write up by stating the efficacy of the concierge security personnel in the domestic and commercial sectors. Technically speaking, concierge personnel and the security guards have separate roles to play. That means, the stakeholders have to hire both for a comprehensive security service. However, due to financial constraints, this becomes a tall task, and hence the stakeholders have to hire any one of them, leaving loopholes in the security system.

Thus, to nullify this, the next best logical step was to merge the two disciplines into one, thus creating the concept of the concierge security service. Therefore, these concierge security personnel in Toronto like anywhere else have to play certain specialised roles that exceed the usual remits of the duties carried out by security guards.

Therefore, ironically these professionals need to have the requisite skills and knowledge of both the professions. Besides, they need to have the ability to quickly adapt to complex incidents and situations that may surface up out of nowhere.

Therefore, what these people need is a considerable amount of training. This is where we at Canadian Security Services score over the other companies. Every concierge security personnel who employ are put under stringent training and that makes a sea of difference when it comes to serving our clients. This training imparts in them excellent customer service skills, which is the key quality to deal with complaints and queries professionally. Besides, they should be cool and composed of the knowledge of interacting with people, proper telephone etiquette, and sound knowledge about the security technicalities. They should be well aware of the latest security tools and techniques and the state of the art security technology so that they are not found wanting in terms of competency if they need to deal with them.

Also, the concierge security personnel in Mississauga like anywhere else must be able to respond to any emergency and ensure that the residents or the employees or the other stakeholders within the premises under their care, are safe as well as secured at any given point in time.

The Final Words…

As this is a comparatively newer role in the security industry, there is still a veiled misconception that more emphasis is being put on the aspect of security service than on the concierge part. However, this is just a myth and a quality concierge service provider like us always trains their employees in such a way that both the parts of service are taken care of, with equal emphasis and vigour. In fact, that’s the hallmark of a quality concierge security company. To know more about Canadian Security Services call us at 647 409 3789 (Direct) or 18669259889 (Toll-Free). We are available 24×7.