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5 Duties Every Security Guard Is Required to Perform

What are the responsibilities of a security guard? What do they do? Are you interested in hiring such professionals and want to know about their role? If you want to know any of these answers, read on.

We are all aware of what police and law enforcement officers do, right? They are well trained to respond and intervene when violence or crime happens. But a security guard in Toronto will never take such a reactive approach; they will adopt a more preventative approach. In other words, they will watch out for looming danger, prevent risks, deter crime and report any crime that they might encounter. What the security guards perform is focused on one primary objective – prevention of crime.

Security Guard in Toronto

Now, let’s divulge further into the duties which a security guard performs. Here are some of the most essential duties which are performed by them:-

To be clearly visible: One of the primary duties of a security guard is to make themselves clearly visible as this helps in deterring criminals. It’s a fact that most shoplifters, muggers, burglars or other criminals would think twice before breaking in if they see a security guard on duty. So, being visible is one of the best ways for a security guard to prevent any damage or precarious acts.

To be vigilant: Security guards always watch out for strange things which might cause harm. Precisely for this reason, they should have a very keen sense of hearing, sight and smell. They should be able to ascertain when there is a chemical leak or when a cable is burning. They should be able to detect certain sounds as when someone is trying to open a door. Also, they should be able to sense when someone is trying to divert their attention off their duty. So bases on these responsibilities, someone with short or long sightedness won’t make a good security guard.

To respond and act promptly during a crisis: Not only is the security guard required to sense crisis but they should also be able to act immediately to counter the situation. Precisely for this reason, these professionals should always be alert to avoid being unaware of such situations. They should be well equipped to handle various dangerous situations.

Observing and reporting: Even if they manage to avert a dangerous situation, security guards mustn’t relax at all. They should keep on observing until they are sure that they are completely sure that there aren’t any dangers. After any crisis, they should be able to report it to their supervisors or any appropriate authorities.

Getting help: During some precarious situations like armed robbery or assaults, the guard might not be able to handle the situation on their own. In such cases, they should waste no time in calling the police.

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