4 Common Myths Regarding Residential Security Services Finally Busted!

Do you often wonder whether residential security is worth the time and money? Or you assume that smart home security systems are only meant for tech-savvy homeowners? If all these queries keep on haunting your mind, it means you have definite misconceptions regarding residential security systems.

To give you a brief, security systems are customised gadgets that are designed to keep your residential premises protected against fire, burglary, theft and other potential threats. While they have become almost a “MUST-HAVE” to cope up with today’s soaring crime rates, many homeowners still wonder whether they are worth the investment.

If you are one of them, it’s high time to debunk the myths with this blog.

Myth 1: Security Devices Can’t Restrict Burglars from Breaking into House

Presence of security cameras at the entrance is enough to keep away burglars. According to the latest survey, roughly 70% burglars change their mind not to commit a crime or deter from breaking into residential complexes whenever they find security cameras installed at the entryway. Lack of CCTV cameras instigates burglars to break into premises and commit a crime. So if you think whether security services in Canada are worth the investment, it’s high time to give it a thought!

Myth 2: Home Security Cameras Fail to Work When Power Goes Off

This is one of the common misconceptions regarding residential security devices that they fail to work in case of a power outage. Over the past few years, security devices have undergone massive upgrades and they no longer require electricity or telephone lines to stay active. For instance, battery-powered CCTV cameras or home alarm systems continue to record footages even during power cuts.

Myth 3: My Home is too Old to Install Home Security Devices

This is another myth centring home security systems that they can’t be installed at old homes, while the reality is completely different. Thanks to the latest wireless technology that modern-day security devices can be installed anywhere at home. Even if your home never had a security device installed before, professionals offering residential security services in Toronto can get them installed at major locations of your home in a hassle-free manner.

Myth 4: Installing Residential Security Cameras are too Expensive

While it’s true that there are some upfront costs related to installing home security cameras but at the month-end, most homeowners end up spending less than expected. When it comes to upgrading security devices, the cost is also negligible. In short, the installation and maintenance expenditure of Canadian security services isn’t a hefty amount compared to the protection it offers to your family and property.

The Key to Protect Your Home is in Our Hands!! Reach Us!

Whether your home is too old or newly built, at Canadian Security Services offer advanced residential security services in Toronto that can keep your family safe from theft, burglary, fire, miscreant activities and many more.

Our smart home security systems come with advanced technology and high-end specifications that can deter criminal activities and generate instant alerts in case any suspicious activity is detected. So if you want to safeguard your residential premises from potential threats, get in touch with us and enjoy peace of mind!