Condominium Security and Concierge Services
What are the Principles of Condominium Security and Concierge Services?

While providing condominium security services, the security companies would follow certain principles, which will help them to meet all the bespoke security needs of these apartments. The reason is pretty obvious – these condominiums have certain unique structural and behavioural uniqueness, and these security companies have to customise their service so much so that they can meet their security aspects and compulsion. That is why, when it comes to picking up a security company to provide security at a condominium in Toronto, you must choose one that has the experience and the ability to stick to those unique principles. What better name can you opt for than Canadian Security Services?

With years of experience and adaptability, we would stick the following principles while providing security services to the condos.

A comprehensive evaluation of the facilities by a qualified consultant

The first and foremost thing that we do once you hire us is that we would carry out a comprehensive evaluation of every facility of the condo with the help of a qualified consultant. Thus, it will help us to gauge the plausible strong weak points of the condo apartment, in regards to threat perception. Once we have a holistic notion about the configuration of the facilities, the plausible security loopholes, and strong points and holistic layout that helps us to come up with a comprehensive security plan, which will work for the property and address its security threats effectively.

Building up the team that will be able to address the security needs

Once we have a complete notion about the security needs for the particular condo, will build up the team. We will pick up the professionals from our disposal who have the requisite qualification and experience of carrying security services at condos. This ensures that the professionals whom we engage for security service are more than competent to carry out the SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) by sticking to the principles and following the guidelines as rolled out by experts to meet the security threats.

Defining the Vital Assets with help of the Security System

It is imperative to properly define the assets that need to be protected. Thus, our experts will identify every exposure, the threats, and the vulnerabilities, which could affect the determined assets. Once the vulnerabilities are assessed, the experts commence the mechanism of finding the solutions that will address the vulnerabilities. To design the right mechanism, they would carry out the following activities:

  • Detect
  • Deter
  • Delay
  • Deny

Adding the audiovisual parameter into the security measures
In order to gain an upper hand, our security experts would add the audiovisual parameter into their security measures that they design to counter the security threat. They will make the most of the high tech surveillance supported by security threats. The entire mechanism that they follow to provide condominium concierge services in Toronto comprises of:

  • IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • Access control
  • Automation of Gates and other Outlets
  • Detection of Fire and threats

So you see, when you put your trust in us, we will come up with a condominium security service in a very methodical way with a customised approach that will negate all your threat perception. For further details, do not hesitate in calling us at Canadian Security Services. We work 24×7.