Parking Enforcement Services
The Changing Parking Enforcement Trends That You Should Take Into Account

When it is all about discussing parking enforcement services, this sect of the industry has seen a drastic change over the last few years. More automation has come in and new frontiers of balance between man and machine have opened up, making the functionality more seamless, paving the way for better accomplishment of objectives. Here on this page, we discuss the aspects of the new age parking enforcement services that are in place in Toronto and other major cities all over Canada.

Man vs Machine

An increasing number of parking enforcement services in Toronto are vouching for the state of the art technologies and strike seamless sync between humans and technology as they use more technology-based services. The most popular shift from the past is the increased dependency on the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology and the CCTVs for managing parking enforcement. These high tech ANPR cameras automatically register the entry and exit of each and every vehicle by reading the number plate against a specific timestamp. It is also connected to the payment of the parking fee of each registered vehicle. In fact, more and more car parks are switching to technology-based solutions, which directly impact on how they use the foot patrols by enforcement companies like us. Indeed, when we carry out foot patrol, we strike the right coordination between the man and the machine to come up with a much improved and foolproof service.

Turning to More Automation

Yes, this is the latest trend that is becoming the neo-normal in the world of parking enforcement services. Companies that offer parking enforcement processes in Toronto are turning to increased automating of their service. Equipped with state of the art Wi-Fi and 4G technology, a wide range of contraventions are being uploaded to design an enforcement management systems, thus making them strong enough to cater to the present days’ needs and nullify the security challenges. They can range from issuing Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) letters via hybrid mailing systems to setting up an online payment service.

Increasing the Use of the ANPR

One of the most significant developments that has influenced the parking enforcement services recently is the increased dependency on the ANPR enabled monitoring system, which has made the service more proficient. These state of the art high-resolution cameras, when synched with the parking management system can reduce the extent of human intervention and hence reduce the margin of error significantly.

Effective Networking

This is another trend that has brought in a significant change in the parking enforcement service. Vehicular parking sites are being networked. It is done by connecting them with the highly sophisticated consumer vehicular parking application. This enables more visibility and understanding about the available space to those at the wheels of the vehicle during the parking.

Introduction of User-friendly Parking Apps

Every quality parking Enforcement Company nowadays comes up with parking apps, which go a long way to help parking enforcement services. Specialists of these companies these days come up with the joint-up state of the art systems, to make the allocation of parking spaces and payment more seamless and much easier, and effective, making enforcement more transparent and fairer.

This is why you need to put stakes on a reputed and experienced parking Enforcement Company in Toronto so that you can avail of these cutting edge technologies. What better name can you opt for, than Canadian Security Services To know further details, call us at 647 409 3789 (Direct line) or 18669259889 (Toll-Free number). We are available 24×7.